Guidance for at home care and how to advocate for loved ones who are hospitalized. We are a team of nurses, health professionals, A Naturopath, A Bulldog and one Green Beret Flight Surgeon.

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My son took the JandJ jab in order to go on active duty this coming week for that Ranger contract that he really wanted. We’ve had him on the bulldog regimen (other supplements, Mutamba) before, during and after. I worked with my local naturopath to get Blood Analysis done before and after the jab. *I have both reports and it looks like the bulldog regimen is doing its job in protecting his blood. They are pretty much consistently the same. PRAISE GOD! And by the way as soon as he was jabbed he got his Chinese suction cup, put it on the jab site and suctioned as much of the venom out of him as he could. God bless you all in what you are doing. Thank you SO MUCH for standing firm in this fight. 🙏🏼✝️🇺🇸


Dear Dr. Spencer, I have a Praise Report :)Recently I connected my gf in Loris, SC with you and she has spoke a few times with your beautiful wife on the phone and has ordered multiple therapeutic items from you. The AOT, jab rescue kit and Ivermectin to the rescue once again. 🙂 Praise God !!!!!!! My gf has had sores on her feet and butt for months now , medicines from multiple diff doctors and even an infectious disease doctor DID NOT HELP HER , but AOT foot baths (DAY/NIGHT) & a drink of water daily with AOT in 3 weeks time has cured the open sores of feet and behind area. God is so good and we are blessed Dr. Spencer for you & your wife obeying God's calling upon your lives, thank you , love you both.