ATTENTION !!! THE JAB RESCUE KIT – for Jab, PCR test and shedding- Updated Tea Recipe added

Took the jab and regret it? Even if you haven’t taken the jab, how many of you have taken the swab PCR test (vaccine on swab) refer to John Hopkins Study-link supplied at the bottom-Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing, or around those who have taken the jab (shedding)? There is a way to rescue your body and restore resiliency: The Jab Rescue Kit (JRK)!

The jab is loaded with toxic ingredients such as graphene oxide that compromises and attacks your immune system with debilitating effects that may result in death. The JRK counteracts the devastation by rescuing, restoring and fortifying your immune system. Details below.

Transcendental GI Cleanse

A proprietary blend of a unique and well-guarded form of naturally electrically and biologically available bentonite clay with a family of extremely effective RNA probiotic microorganisms. Our bentonite clay consists of mainly montmorillite, long used for well-known health benefits. It has a very, very low moisture retention range and is rich in oceanic trace mineral elements. Blended with our proprietary native systemic RNA microbes, Transcendental GI Cleanse offers improved digestion and a process of natural chelation while supporting the uptake of essential minerals and nutrients, genetic integrity and decontamination and detoxification of petro-chemicals and heavy metals. The Canadian Journal of Microbiology reports that this bentonite clay can absorb pathogenic viral material, as well as herbicides and pesticides. The clay is eventually eliminated with toxins bound to its multiple surfaces. The addition of our native RNA systemic probiotics naturally rid the body of heavy metals, radiation, and toxins by consuming them and rendering them harmless. Additionally, the microbes support and create the correct environment for only natural genetic information expression within the body. 100+ Probiotic Solution A revolutionary dietary supplement with over 120 strains of nature’s soil borne probiotic microorganisms in a balanced and harmonious solution to enhance digestion, increase nutrient absorption, aid in natural chelation, support genetic integrity and broaden parameters of immunity via repopulation of the digestive tract, as well as the entire body, through a process of enzymatic reaction. The depleted soil of the present day environment makes it impossible to obtain proper nutrition from food grown in soil, much less do we have sufficient microbes in our systems to ensure the electrical availability, or zeta potential, we would naturally obtain from food to ensure our genetic integrity and life force.


Prozymes provides a combination of digestive enzymes and digestive probiotics. Prozymes will replace the lost ability of enzymes production in the digestive system many people have issues with. The ability to produce enzymes upon demand is interrupted, damaged, or destroyed by a variety of factors i.e., improper diet, eating while stressed, living with stress, improper fermentation, medications and certainly not least, the degraded food supply, just to name a few. Our blend of microbes and enzymes are of the highest quality. They are electrically available and electrically stacked to maximize synergy during the digestive process. Prozymes challenge and help correct the negative effects of GMOs and pesticide residue, including glyphosate! The benefits include improved digestion, reduced Candida and fungal load, balanced intestinal flora, increased brain function, correct blood pressure, correct protein metabolism, correct pH balance and will not interfere with prescription medication.

Advanced Oxygen Therapy

Simply put, Advanced Oxygen Therapy (aka chlorine dioxide) does not heal, it kills pathogens, so the body can heal. Advanced Oxygen Therapy kills pathogens by enhancing the body’s own immune system’s methods through oxidation. Even as it deteriorates, Advanced Oxygen Therapy becomes a key immune system element in the production of a natural chemical the body uses for immune defense and disease destruction. Advanced Oxygen Therapy is very effective. As such, it is imperative to follow a specific protocol that should only be modified with professional advice. Our kit includes a booklet with instruction on the various uses and protocols. We include a nasal sprayer for sinus and upper respiratory applications, along with a four ounce bottle each, of sodium chlorite and the activator. When mixed these ingredients produce chlorine dioxide. In the Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals published June 21, 2021, in published a Research Article named “Inhibition of the Binding Variants of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Spike Protein to a Human Receptor by Chlorine Dioxide”, it states; Conclusion: These findings show that chlorine dioxide aqueous solution can inactivate the binding of the variant spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein, indicating that this strategy may be useful in blocking the transmission of variant SARS-CoV-2 viruses.


A high energy, full spectrum phytogenic mineral supplement with added rare Earth minerals, selenium and colostrum for health and stamina. Antioxidant properties help reduce inflammation and support heart health, neurological health, thyroid health via hormone metabolism and DNA synthesis. Selenium protects immunity, genetic integrity, fertility, helps prevent cancer, maintains heart and thyroid health, metabolism, cognitive and neurological functions. Selenium deficiency has been found to cause infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, SIDS, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, age or liver spots, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and a long list of illnesses. Colostrum provides a rich supply of amino acids, protein, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and supports immunity. It promotes healing, slows the aging process, repairs the nervous system and can cause a sense of well-being. Minerals and colostrum work hand-in-hand through the processes of digestion and absorption, cell and gene health.


A 2015 PubMed article titled, “Ivermectin: a Multifaceted Drug of Nobel Prize-honored Distinction With Indicated Efficacy Against a New Global Scourge, COVID-19”, states; In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honored the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. New Microbes New Infect 2021 Aug 3;43:100924. doi: 10.1016/j.nmni.2021.100924. eCollection 2021 Sep. Studies; This agent has powerful antiparasitic and antiviral properties. Evidence indicated that Ivermectin binds the ACE2 receptor site, which the spike protein needs to bind in order to proceed into the cell and the replication of viral protein. Lehrer and Rheinstein, 2020; Eweas et al., 2021 Also, under some circumstances, the binding of the spike protein to the ACE2 receptor does not activate the enzymes needed to enter the cell. Possibly, Ivermectin might also competitively displace such bound spike protein from the cell walls as well when a sufficient dose is taken. It also appears that circulating spike protein can be bound up directly by Ivermectin rendering it inactive and making it accessible for metabolic processing and excretion. Saha and Raihan, 2021 Where there has been mass administration of Ivermectin for parasitic diseases in Africa there has also been noted a significantly lower incidence of COVID-19 infection. Hellwig and Maia, 2021 Ivermectin is also very safe when administered appropriately. Munoz et al., 2018
Fauci Dossier-Dr.David Martin

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing



Patient Advocate Bulldog Telegram Channel


Tea Recipe:

Tea ingredients for making 1 to 2 gallons of tea

Half a cup of yerba mate leaves
4 – 8 star anise
2 heaping tablespoon of Cistus incanus
Hand full of red clover blossoms
Quarter to a half cup of pine needles chopped
2 heaping tablespoon of Phyllanthus niruri
Quarter to a half cup of Mullein Leaf
Bring 1 – 2 gallons of filtered water up to a boil and turn down to a simmer
Add herbs to simmering water
Simmer herbs for 30-60 minutes
Strain off herbs
Sweeten to desired taste with raw honey
Drink fresh hot tea or let finished tea cool and put remainder tea in refrigerator for
longer storage

link to recipe:

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