Follow the Money Series: Blood Money and Trojan Horses: Federal ESSER Money in Public Schools

School board meetings in America are the new battlegroundsfor medical freedom. Prior to the Covid “pandemic,” parents rarely doubted intentions of government-run schools regarding their children’s physical health. It turns out they should have. In the last 18 months, the internet has been teeming with videos of irate, unhappy parents, pleading with school
boards to unmask their kids. Panels of stone-faced school “bored” members, silent behind masks (at least while cameras are rolling) and seemingly uncaring while tears and pleas for help flow. Reams of studies on the harmful ineffectiveness of masks end up, unread, in trash bins.

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Follow the Money: Blood Money in U.S Healthcare

Monograph #1: Slide PresentationFinancial Incentives:the Use of “CoveredCountermeasures” Paper Summary Brief-Financial Incentives: The Use of “Covered Countermeasures”