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Patient Advocate Bulldog

Guidance for at home care for the Bioweapon and how to advocate for loved ones who are hospitalized. We are a team of nurses, advocates and naturopath health professionals.

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Doc Pete Chambers

Scientific Advisor Member and Spokesman

Patient Advocate Bulldog (PAB) is pleased to announce that Dr. Pete Chambers, a retired lieutenant colonel and physician, is the organization’s new spokesperson. He has also recently joined PAB’s scientific advisory board. In his role as spokesperson, he’ll be leading the organization’s media communication efforts through interviews with journalists and other members of the media.

Dr. Chambers is eminently qualified as a doctor of osteopathic medicine who has worked as an ER doctor, SWAT team physician, and even a sheriff’s deputy. As a combat-decorated and disabled veteran awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat, he has done multiple combat tours deploying in the capacity of special operations flight surgeon and Green Beret officer conducting missions around the globe. Additionally, in 2020 he served as a liaison to Governor Greg Abbott’s Task Force during the Texas COVID response, and in 2021 he deployed to the border of South Texas on Operation Lone Star as a surgeon.

Like countless others, he trusted the safety of the Department of Defense’s vaccination policy until March 2021 when he began seeing numerous adverse reactions being reported. In May 2022 Dr. Chambers’ 39-year military career ended because he was forced to retire from service, losing all benefits and pay when, with an unlawful order, his command ordered him to stop giving informed consents for COVID shots.

After being revealed by Senator Ron Johnson as a whistleblower for exposing facts related to the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), he joined forces with other frontline doctors to raise COVID shot safety issues. He has also testified as a fact witness in Liberty Counsel’s SEALs v. DoD case.

Dr. Chambers is undergoing medical treatment after personally experiencing a severe adverse reaction to the COVID shot. He currently works with legislators, serves military service members, and educates members of Congress and media outlets about COVID shot injuries among members of the military.

Dr. Chambers’ website is: https://drpetechambers.com/

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