Dr Wil’s Tea for Health

Drinking tea is an ancient practice, rewarding in its warmth and flavor, beneficial for health and wellbeing. A nice cup of tea is just pure comfort.
Dr Wil’s favorite tea blend may help support immunity.  The tea recipe we offer here is blended for protection from the current health challenges.  It may serve many and varied conditions for helping your body stay well. This recipe is a healthful contribution for everyone.



Suggested Use;

Tea ingredients for making 1 to 2 gallons of tea
Half a cup of yerba mate leaves
4 – 8 star anise
2 heaping tablespoon of Cistus incanus
Hand full of red clover blossoms
Quarter to a half cup of pine needles chopped
2 heaping tablespoons of Phyllanthus niruri
Quarter to a half cup of Mullein Leaf
Bring 1–2 gallons of filtered water up to a boil and turn down to a
Add herbs to simmering water
Simmer herbs for 30-60 minutes
Strain off herbs
Sweeten to desired taste with raw honey
Drink fresh hot tea or let finished tea cool and put the remainder of the tea in your refrigerator for longer

Additional information

Weight 0.20 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 2.0 × 7 in

4 reviews for Dr Wil’s Tea for Health

  1. Ferdinand

    This tea got rid of my kidney stone!
    I asked Patient Advocate Bulldog and the Naturopathic Dr. Wil if they had anything to help with my newly diagnosed 6 mm kidney stone (which was killing me) among other health issues. They recommended this tea, which has Phyllanthus Niruri (used for hundreds of years to break up kidney stones) among other herbs. I tried it. My kidney stone pain was gone in like two days or less. I don’t know if I ever passed the stone or maybe the tea dissolved the stone, and I passed it. All I know is that I drank it, and the pain of kidney stones went away quickly. Hallelujah!!!

  2. Marsha (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a homeopathic remedy, a nosode, to treat bioweapon transmission symptoms. I muscle test to find the remedy for issues so when the nosode tested to my symptoms I decided to test Dr Wil’s tea by muscle testing. It tested as a remedy and just minutes after drinking some the symptoms were gone. And my husband realized that after drinking some tea a few days back his itching was gone. I thank God for Dr Wil 🙏 and thank you Dr Wil for the products you have assembled!!!

  3. Marci B (verified owner)

    Praise the LORD. THANK YOU! This tea is the answer to my prayers.

  4. Maricela (verified owner)

    Started taking this tea Sept 5 and it dissolved a 7cm gallbladder stone within 6 days.
    Amazing! Thank you Dr. Wil!

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