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Water is the life-blood of the Earth. When water is healthy it has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy, nutrients and healing, to self cleanseand discharge wastes.” A quote from Victor Schauberger, a “Water Wizard”

Structured water is more hydrating than H2O. Water loses its natural properties when pumped, pressured or piped. Water is actually a living organism that thrives on a natural harmony. A meandering river, as it flows, develops currents at its bends so that a water course should be regulated from within, from the flowing content itself. The vortex technology creates implosion from water’s natural flow which supports water’s natural state in an energetic process.

In the water structure process, nothing is “added” or “removed”. However, the motion vectors that are generated on the volume as it passes through, causes everything to change, physically, chemically and electrically.

The vortexed water stays fresh, clear and tastes good even with long term storage. It is more readily absorbed into the body as it becomes naturally softened. Oxygen in water is increased, bacteria buildup is prevented and this water can clean hard water mineral deposits from the pipes over time.

Structured water neutralizes toxic substances, increases minerals and trace elements bioavailability, thus vitality is increased with positive energy balance. Calcification risk becomes minimal and human metabolism becomes vitalized and stimulated with increase of biological quality. Structured water quality equates with high quality natural spring water.

The Dyno H2O devices can be used on virtually any size water lines with amazingly equal benefits of fully live, memorable and energetic stability. In addition, our hand held, portable devices perform as well as the installed versions and they have the added ability to make all your beverages better tasting and more enjoyable.

Outdoor applications can benefit and beautify your environment. They will clarify pond water, adding natural health and energy to the water. Plants thrive more aggressively, and animals are more active in a healthy hydration environment.  

The Dyno H2O devices have no parts to replace, they are free of chemicals and harmful radiation. They need no electricity and are not magnetically affected. In fact, there is no need for maintenance or upkeep for generations to come.

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in

18 Inches, 24 Inches

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  1. Martin Wood

    This Product is Amazing. I live about 20 miles south and of East Palestine Ohio (USA) where we had a train derailment in 2023 and a toxic spill. Our water is pumped from the Ohio River. Shortly after the derailment and fires of toxic chemicals our city switched our water intake to the reservoirs. It threw a red flag because they were actively testing the water many times throughout the day. They were reporting that the chemicals that were spilled were in fact present in the water. We didn’t think much of this at the time. The very next morning after they switched to the reservoirs my wife was up getting ready for work and taking a shower. She abruptly started projectile vomiting while in the shower. The fumes from the water and just the contact from the water made her sick, her symptoms were lightheaded vertigo vomiting, diarrhea and feeling sick and lethargic. The next morning my 2 dogs and cat were vomiting and has uncontrollable diarrhea. That same day my chickens which i have 50 plus birds and turkeys were sick and we lost 7 birds the first day. In days following we lost many more birds. I posted this on Facebook to document what had happened and someone reached out and got me in contact with the Patient advocate Bulldog and the Dyno H2O. At this point we were not drinking the water or even showering in the water because it was clearly Toxic. They state there were forever chemicals in the water. I don’t know much about these chemicals. A few days later a Dyno H2O was sent and after the very easy DIY instructions we had the purifier up and running. You wont believe how simple it was. I did have to go get a couple 3/4 inch threaded fittings but other than a pipe cutter me and a buddy had it installed within 20 minutes. Its just a inline one way flow system that you can put right before a valve for purification or you can put it at the beginning of your water system and purify everything. We chose to purify everything because of the shower incident with my wife. The next couple days we were still on the fence about drinking the water and after talking with a representative from Patient Advocate Bulldog we were assured the water will be fine. At this time my wife bought some water testing equipment to test the water and see just how well this water filter worked and the results were shocking. I had a faucet at the barn that was city water only so we tested some of that water compared to the water after the Dyno H2O. The city water with no filter tested a chlorine level at around 4 plus to a 5 and the PH and TDS was 4 (acidic) before the filter and a 7 with the filter. With a 7 being neutral and good Which means the PH was neutralized. The smell of the water was nonexistent and the taste of the water was great. We could not taste any chemicals or chlorine, It tastes like purified water. Now that we have this water purifier we can drink the water, shower in the water and none of my birds or house animals have had any issues since we installed the Dyno H2O. I hope this helps anyone that is having these same issues with their water because if we would of never received this water purifier I honestly dont know what we would of done. We were all so sick and my animals were dying. We really had no idea that you can be so sick from bad water but when Patient Advocate Bulldog reached out to help us and educate us about bad water it truly was a blessing. Thank you so much and If you are thinking about purchasing this product do it. Its a very simple easy inline water purifier that can be installed easily by someone that is not a plumber. Or you can have a plumber install it. We just want people to know that this is the way to go. We continue to monitor the levels of our water and the numbers have not changed in 2 months of checking. Thank you Patient Advocate Bulldog for everything that you have done for my family, you all have went above and beyond to get our health back to where it should be.

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