Full Body Exponential Health Scan

Welcome to the world of scanning! In this process the scan will assess your current body vitality and identify where imbalances are occurring. It will analyze and measure where changes need to be made, and once corrected will allow you to feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, re-energized and healthy. The sensitivity of the Exponential scan detects issues in the body in the beginning stages, often long before any conventional test and certainly earlier than diagnosable symptoms would exist. In addition we often see issues underlying an already diagnosed condition.

Our goal in working with you is for your vibrant health. We find that the absolute best way to restore and retain a body blessed with vital, Exponential Health is proactivity.
We operate as a Private Membership Association, 508 c1a.

This is the most comprehensive and analytical body scan we know or have used, or even learned about. Our testing reaches down to the tiniest microscopic tissues and life forms existing in your body. It reads 140 categories of bodily systems and conditions checking for health issues or imbalances that need some attention. We are then able to produce an individualized printed healing or balancing protocol, including vitamins and other nutrients the body does not have enough of.

This scan includes Jab & Shedding Scan, the Post Scan Protocol Recommendations and a 20-30 minute consultation call with one of our naturopath doctors to review your scan results with you.

Once purchased, you will be able to download the form you will mail to us with your samples.


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  1. Bella Donna

    Whatever scan or work Dr. Wil does is cutting-edge, always spot-on, accurate, and tremendously helpful. I believe that my work with him, both for myself and with my clients, has literally saved lives, including my own.

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