Jab & Shedding Scan

Welcome to the world of scanning! In this process the scan will assess your current body vitality and identify where imbalances are occurring. It will analyze and measure where changes need to be made, and once corrected will allow you to feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, re-energized and healthy. The sensitivity of the Exponential scan detects issues in the body in the beginning stages, often long before any conventional test and certainly earlier than diagnosable symptoms would exist. In addition we often see issues underlying an already diagnosed condition.

Our goal in working with you is for your vibrant health. We find that the absolute best way to restore and retain a body blessed with vital, Exponential Health is proactivity.
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Jab & Shedding Scan

The Covid-19 injection is at cause for a great number of health concerns. Many folks are worried needlessly over symptoms that might be from the “vaccine” and might not. Others continue to feel well, yet there are growing numbers of seeming healthy people collapsing suddenly. For some, treating themselves for symp- toms of the jab or shedding is healing in itself. Some people are happy for a facility that can provide updates through scanning to see how things in the body progress. There are many reasons for developing an interest to know what is happening inside the body while it is difficult to get a peek. The accuracy of the scan is a relief for that circumstance.

Optional Post Scan Protocol Recommendations

Our protocols for those suffering from the various maladies caused by the existence of the Covid malady have been very well received and in many ways successful. Our boys who left the military because they obeyed and took the jab and then suffered the BioWeapon effect non-stop, quickly found gratitude in using natural remedy gifted from our creator to themselves, our heroes. Everything we offer is produced in nature and we make sure it is the highest caliber quality. We manufacture most of the supplements we recommend. Most are done by hand, because we care.

This scan includes Jab & Shedding Scan.  The Post Scan Protocol Recommendations are optional and include a 20-30 minute consultation call with one of our naturopath doctors to review your scan results with you.

Once purchased, you will receive the form you will fill our and mail to us with your samples.


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