The Power Neb Ultra Nebulizer includes:

  • Medication cup
  • T-adapter
  • Mouthpiece
  • 7 Feet tubing
  • Reservoir tube



Power Neb Ultra Compressor Nebulizer Features

  • Convenient built-in slot for the Neb Kit that allows the Nebulizer to be used hands-free
  • Power Neb Ultra unit delivers a consistent particle size of less than five microns, and treatment times that are fast and effective
  • Powerful piston pump is quiet, efficient and dependable
  • One of the smallest economy neb compressors

What is Power Neb Ultra Used For?

  • People with breathing problems, such as Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are often prescribed medicines that minimize or control the symptoms of their disease.
  • Compressor Nebulizer Systems deliver these prescribed medications to the lungs.
  • Drive Power Neb Ultra Compressor Nebulizer includes an AC powered air compressor to provide a source of compressed air for home health care use.
  • This compressor is used in conjunction with a jet (pneumatic) nebulizer to convert the inhalable drugs into an aerosol form for inhalation by a patient.
  • The medications and compressor nebulizer systems are used as directed by a physician to maximize the benefits.
  • They can be prescribed for everyday use or periodically as symptoms present themselves.

How Does a Compressor Nebulizer Work?

  • Most medicines that are to be used with a Compressor Nebulizer System are created in a liquid form. This liquid medication is placed in the nebulizer cup.
  • The compressor is connected to the nebulizer by flexible tubing and generates a specific pressure and flow of air that drives the nebulizer.
  • The pressurized air produced by the compressor initiates the ability of nebulizer to break down the liquid medication into a very fine mist.
  • This mist is often referred to as an aerosol cloud. It is propelled out of the nebulizer and inhaled into the lungs where the medicine is readily absorbed.
  • How To Operate Power Neb Ultra Compressor?
  • Before each use, inspect the Compressor and nebulizer cup assembly for damage or wear, replace as needed.
  • Place the Compressor on a table or other flat stable surface. Be sure to easily reach the controls when seated. Do not use this device on the floor.
  • With the power switch in the O (OFF) position, plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical wall outlet.
  • Connect one end of the tubing to the compressor air outlet connector.
  • Assemble the nebulizer cup and add indicated medication to the nebulizer cup before use.
  • Attach the other end of the tubing into the air inlet connector found at the bottom of the nebulizer cup.
  • Turn on the Compressor by pressing the power switch to the I (ON) position and begin treatment.
  • If treatment needs to be interrupted, simply press the power switch to O (OFF) position.
  • When the treatment is complete, turn off the compressor by pressing the power switch to O (OFF) position and unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.
  • Always unplug this device immediately after use.
  • Do not use this product in or near explosive atmospheres, or where aerosol (spray) products are being used.
  • Do not pump combustible liquids or vapors with the product or use in or near an area where flammable or explosive liquids of vapors may exist.
  • Do not operate this product in an oxygen enriched environment, i.e. oxygen tent or oxygen hood.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas

Drive Nebulizer Instructions of Cleaning

  • All parts of the nebulizer, except tubing, should be cleaned according to the following instructions.
  • With the power switch in the “ Off” position, unplug the power cord from wall outlet.
  • Disconnect tubing from the air inlet connector and set aside.
  • Disassemble mouthpiece or mask from the cap. Open nebulizer by turning cap counterclockwise and remove the baffle.
  • Wash all items, except tubing, in a hot water/dishwashing detergent solution. Rinse under hot tap water for 30 seconds to remove detergent residue. Allow to air dry.
  • For reusable nebulizer only, it can be cleaned daily in the dishwasher using the top shelf or by following the above cleaning procedure.
  • Drive Reusable Nebulizer is dishwasher safe, but do not place any Drive Disposable Nebulizer parts in an automatic dishwasher; doing so could cause damage.

Power Neb Ultra Compressor Cleaning

  • With power switch in the “Off ” position, unplug the power cord from wall outlet.
  • Wipe outside of the compressor cabinet with a clean damp cloth every few days to keep dust-free.
  • Do not submerge in water; doing so will result in compressor damage.

How to change Power Neb Compressor Filter?

  • Filter should be changed every 6 months or sooner if filter discolors
  • Remove filter by grasping it firmly and pulling out of the unit. Discard old filter.
  • Replace with a new Drive filter. Additional filters should be purchased from your Drive provider.
  • Push new filter into position

Instruction Guide

Official claimer : These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat any disease. Use at your own discretion.

Additional information

Weight 3.20 lbs
Dimensions 9.0 × 7.0 × 7.0 in

Nebulizer, Without the Nebulizer


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