Vapors is an inhalant that creates an antiseptic condition in the lungs, bronchials and sinuses. May stimulate an expectorant action when inhaled to rid the area of mucous.


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Instructions for use – Vapors is a small amount of liquid in a four ounce bottle with a piece of clear tubing with a mid-point stopper. The bottle is shaken before the lid is removed, then the tube is inserted into the bottle neck and suspended above the liquid by the stopper.

The tube is placed snuggly between the lips, or in one nostril while the other nostril is held shut. Inhale deeply into each orifice up to 10 times per treatment. May use treatment multiple time a day.

Official claimer : These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat any disease. Use at your own discretion.

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2 reviews for Vapors

  1. Mark

    At first, I was like, what is this product? But I have to say, I’m a believer now. I had a bad sinus infection starting, and this stuff turned my mucus clear really fast. Really easy and convenient to use. I just keep the bottle at me desk, and inhale it a few times a day. Highly recommend. It’s a great first line of defense when things feel off.

  2. Marsha (verified owner)

    This product cleared something that was going on in my lungs. My 02 was down and my lungs were constricted… I was really fatigued. After using it a couple of times during the day things cleared a lot. 2 days of using it a few times a day and whatever was in my respiratory system was gone. If I start to feel pressure in my lungs I use it one time and things clear up. I believe it has helped my sinuses also, I can breathe better through my nose much better. It has “bite” to it so use gently. Great product!

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